In a survey on VentureBeat for the GamesBeat 2009 conference, 61 per cent of participating readers and industry executives have concluded that the iPhone is going be the industry’s favourite gaming platform from now on.

The survey also revealed that micro transactions are likely to have the biggest impact on the industry, with 66 per cent of respondents opting that way. No wonder, then, that Apple has chosen to support them with its forthcoming 3.0 update.

Just behind micro transations was user-generated content, which 43 per cent believe will be the Next Big Thing.

The iPhone is also deemed by the survey to have the most potential, with 74 per cent nominating it in that category as opposed to 57 per cent for consoles, considered in a single category together.

I know: 74 per cent and 57 per cent adds up to too many per cent.