Okay, so this story is technically about Animal Crossing: City Folk, a Wii game that would normally be outside the remit of Pocket Gamer. However, it was just too good to pass up – particularly since the warning might equally apply to the DS edition of the game, Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Andy Anderson of the Internet Crimes Task Force has gone on record about the dangers posed to children who play games over the internet. Although parents urge their children not to talk to strangers, his warning goes, they may not be aware that their children are interacting with strangers virtually.

It’s a fair point, and the dangers are real, but Anderson manages to undermine the solemnity of the message a little by dropping a monumental clanger. "There is no reason an adult should have this game,” he says.

The ABC17 article in which these words appear goes on to reveal that, “Anderson says adults playing "Animal Crossing" and similar games are likely doing it for the wrong reasons.”

What he’s saying, in effect, is that adult players of Animal Crossing are likely to be predatory paedophiles.

Good to know.

ABC17 [via GamePolitics]

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