You can never have too much retro gaming, but to be quite honest Sonic’s never been the same since he went all 3D on us. He’s never been able to match pace with his own magical Mega Drive debut, so if you’re going to buy another Sonic game, it’s always good advice to stick with the classic.

He’s been hanging around the mobile Green Hill again lately, in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Crash, which bagged itself a Silver Award, and he’s already set the iPod off spinning around a year ago.

But how many more times can we play a direct port of the original Mega Drive game? Plenty, according to Sega president Simon Jeffery:

“We are absolutely delighted to work with Apple to bring Sega’s timeless classic, Sonic The Hedgehog, to the iPhone,” he passionately exclaims.

“The great reception and success of Super Monkey Ball has demonstrated that the iPhone is a viable gaming console with immense potential. iPhone gamers can expect great products from Sega and what better way to start the New Year than with Sonic The Hedgehog on the iPhone.”

It sounds as though we can expect touchscreen controls, which is something of a shame as the inertia-based movements of our spiky pal seem well suited to the accelerometer. The game will also support portrait and landscape orientations, along with instant save and resume.

By all accounts Sonic the Hedgehog should be with us on the App Store this spring, so keep any eye out for a flash of blue speeding across your iPhone screen.