We can't wait to play TAG Games's Car Jack Streets on iPhone - it'll hopefully be the GTA-on-iPhone experience that Payback didn't quite deliver.

Now TAG has revealed details of its game's soundtrack, which eschews big names in favour of 16 emerging artists - names like Red Shirt Theory, The Amateurs and Atom tha Immortal.

24 tracks in all will be in the game, and if they're available on iTunes, players will be able to click through from Car Jack Streets to buy them from Apple's music store on the iPhone. When they're not, the links will lead to their MySpace profiles instead.

"We thought it would be the perfect opportunity for some outstanding unsigned talent to get noticed," says TAG boss Paul Farley. "The best new games console, the best game-play and the best emerging musical talent. It’s the perfect combination!"

The game is still due for release in late March. PocketGamer.biz has the full list of 16 artists, complete with links so you can check out their tunes now.

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