Info is kind of spare right now, but On The Rocks Productions has let slip about its new iPhone action adventure starring everyone’s favourite Norse god of thunder, Thor.

It’s a side scrolling adventure that doesn’t look at all unlike a bit of a platform game, with strong comic overtones and a cartoony graphical style.

And Thor’s not alone - from the looks of things we can expect to meet Thrym (a giant who once stole Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir), Loki (a sort of god who never really got on with Thor all that well) and Hel (Loki’s daughter who, surprisingly enough, rules Hell).

The teaser trailer doesn’t give too much away, but it’s pretty clear from the way the Germanic-looking barbarian ends his game of Thor - by smashing the iPhone with a hammer - that it's likely to be a light hearted outing for the old god.

The production values look quite high, and it seems as though we can expect a touchscreen-controlled visitation from Odin’s number one son.

Check out the teaser video below, then listen for the distant rumble of thunder as we get more news on Thor.