Firemint has been so busy dangling the enormous carrot of Firemint Real Racing in front of us lately, it apparently forgot to tell us - or anyone, for that matter - about a wonderfully quirky new game it just put out on the App Store, Flight Control.

“We weren’t actually expecting it to go live today, because we were delayed by the contracting and thought we may be in for a long wait,” Firemint’s CEO Robert Murray says, rather ironically, given the nature of the game.

Flight Control puts you in charge of the airspace over LA. But rather than relaying co-ordinates and worrying about flight angles, rules, the weather or the kind of terrorists only John McLane can take care of, you simply grab those hovering juggernauts and bring them in to land manually.

“It’s a game that a lot of the people in the studio - and their wives and girlfriends - have been playing obsessively, so I think we have really captured something in a very simple game,” says Murray, who programmed the game entirely himself while running the company.

Flight Control is ready for you now, over at the App Store, and is on offer at a special introductory price of 59p, so don’t circle the runway thinking about it for too long. Hit the ‘Buy It!’ button to get on the flight path quicker.