As this game is being offered by PlayFirst (of Diner Dash fame) you’d be forgiven for expecting another time management game, and expecting some kind of busy chocolate shop where you’re required to feed the faces of belligerent customers with sweets and goodies.

In fact, Chocolatier is more of a world domination strategy game. It involves travelling the globe seeking out the finest chocolate recipes, mining for ingredients, bartering with suppliers, manufacturing your sweeties, importing your goods and strong-arming the shops to ensure you make a profit.

“In the first nine months of its launch, Chocolatier was downloaded more than 25 million times – virtually an unheard of feat for an online casual game,” said Josh Hartwell, CEO of GOSUB 60.

“Given GOSUB 60's proven track record of publishing superior quality casual games, we anticipate great success for the Chocolatier brand among the mobile audience.”

The long and winding path to chocolatey success takes you through San Francisco, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Wolverhampton (not really) as the puzzle and strategy action takes you on a surprisingly tense journey on the quest for chocolate.

It's adapted from the immensely popular PC title, and developer GOSUB 60 promises exactly the same experience on the mobile as it did on the desktop. Chocolatier is now expected to branch out into other platforms - such as the DS, XBLA and iPhone - very soon.

Here’s a quick video from the PC version to give you an idea of what to expect.

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