As announcements from this year’s rather prolific International Mobile Gaming Awards finally begin to peter out, we thought it’d be worth giving Tropical Towers (also known as Tiki Towers in other regions) a quick round of applause for bagging the Best Casual Game award.

Not entirely dissimilar to mega-hit World of Goo, Tropical Towers has you building (and destroying) a variety of constructions to help get a barrel full of hyper-active monkeys to their destination.

As is often the case with RealArcade titles, this is a multi-platform game and has also appeared on the iPhone and WiiWare. But it’s the innovative mobile version that’s being celebrated today, which we can quite understand given the excellent control system needed to get the game working properly from a keypad.

Keep an eye out for our imminent review of Tropical Towers on the mobile, and you can check out this gameplay video while you’re waiting.

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