Although it’s inevitably compared to Spore, Kodo Evolved is very much its own entity and has gathered a legion of followers to its evolutionary cause since its launch all the way back in 2006.

Highlighting the mobile game’s prowess is a new award for innovation given out at this year’s IMGA ceremony.

“We're thrilled to see that the jury had as much fun with the game as we’ve had.” said Tommy Palm, mobile veep at developer Jadestone.

Kodo Evolved is a different take on party gaming on a mobile. It’s perfect for a quick match at the pub or on a train. The mobile phone brings many new opportunities for gaming – letting you take the console to your friends instead of the other way around.”

The surreal puzzle game makes excellent use of one-thumb gameplay, and even allows for eight player multiplayer interaction on the same handset all at once – undoubtedly a deciding factor in the jury’s decision to give Kodo Evolved the Innovation Award.