We picked up on rumours of Digital Chocolate’s seminal mobile game, Tower Bloxx Deluxe, coming to the iPhone about a month ago, so it’s great to see it’s made it to the App Store so quickly.

It’s now gone fully 3D, natch, and uses the iPhone’s gorgeous screen to give the game a fresh lick of digital paint.

It also makes a small, but practical use of the accelerometer – a feature that’s new to the iPhone version – for looking around your teetering tower to get those new levels placed with a bit of extra precision. But the sweetest addition is undoubtedly the two player race, which turns the screen into its landscape orientation for two players to go head to head on the same device.

If you’ve never played this influential series on the mobile and aren’t quite convinced, there’s a free lite version for you to test out the unusual but immensely addictive Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D gameplay before shelling out for the full version.