Puzzle Quest, Chapter 2 will be made available as a free update for those who have purchased the first chapter, announced developer Transgaming today. Expected for release within the next week, current owners of Chapter 1 will be allowed to download the full second chapter at no additional cost. New downloads of Chapter 2 for those without the first chapter will come at an undisclosed cost.

"[It's] a very exciting value for consumers, and now two-thirds of the trilogy can be owned for one convenient price," asserts Paul Nowosad, VP Marketing and Licensing for Transgaming.

Enormous pressure from the media and users critical of the price of the first chapter likely influenced the decision to offer a free upgrade. Other titles in the puzzle genre sell at half the price of Puzzle Quest, which has resulted in lower-than-expected sales of the game.

Additionally, negative reviews have impacted the game's performance. Nowosad remains confident in the game's quality, calling it "an award-winning title on iPhone and iPod Touch."

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