Despite The Oregon Trail usually being qualified as an Apple II classic (though the original development predates the platform by a good five years), these days it’s better known for Gameloft’s excellent mobile conversion that brought a pretty significant update to the adventure game.

It was just as the iPhone and App Store were gearing up for launch that Pocket Gamer pinned a Gold Award on the mobile version of The Oregon Trail, and it seems Gameloft must have got back to work pretty soon afterwards as it’s now been announced for the iPhone.

The game follows the trials and tribulations of the pioneer’s life on the wagon as they make the dangerous journey from Independence, Missouri, to Willamette Valley in Oregon in 1848.

The sad news here is that this classic piece of mobile adventure gaming currently has no release schedule for European territories.

We’ve petitioned Gameloft on your behalf, dear reader, so hopefully it won’t be too long before you get to jump onboard that Conestoga wagon and blaze some entertaining iTrail in The Oregon Trail.