It might not sound like the evolution of a huge franchise, but actually a brand like Hello Kitty is a serious gold mine for just the right digger. In this case that’d be German mobile company mobivention.

The brand first began in 1974 in Japan as a simple, vinyl coin purse designed by Ikuko Shimizu, but has since expanded to become a $1 billion business with its own theme park.

The new deal will allow mobivention to release Hello Kitty games theme specific sub portals.

“The appeal of Hello Kitty is universal, and we are excited to be bringing this property to the mobile market,” says mobivention CEO Dr Hubert Weid. “As a lifestyle icon, the Hello Kitty brand is perfect for consumers using their mobile phones to express their personalities.

But just like the national lottery, the real money is in the small consumables (the scratch cards of mobile phones, if you like). We’ll also be seeing a host of MMS cards, wallpaper themes and Flash Lite wallpapers, so you’ll be able to kitty out your handset to your heart’s content.

Who knows -it might reveal your caring side to the world (which will help you score with the chicks).