It’s a warming story to hear about 9-year old Malaysian programmer Lim Ding Wen creating a simple and fun art game, Doodle Kids, for his two younger sisters, but it’s actually a very exciting development in the iPhone programming community as well.

Retro gamers out there will remember the days when kids were putting games together in their bedrooms and seeing them published by game companies. Naturally that’s a practice that stopped once development costs skyrocketed, but Ding Wen proves those times are here again.

Doodle Kids, Ding Wen’s first iPhone venture, allows you to draw pictures with your finger in random shapes of differing colours and sizes. You can then use the iPhone’s screen capture function to save them (press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously) or shake the screen – Etch-a-Sketch style – to clear it.

According to Ding Wen’s father, Lim Thye Chean (who is also a programmer for a Singapore based technology firm), his son is already proficient in six different programming languages, and the pair of them rush to the computer every evening to see whose iPhone app has had the most hits. Currently, Doodle Kids is winning the race.

App Store reviews have been incredibly favourable for Ding Wen’s gift to the iPhoning children of the world, so click the 'Buy It!' button to go check it out (Doodle Kids is free, but we only have that one button).

We’ve also got a video below of Ding Wen explaining how his app works. Over to you, Mr. Lim!

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