We’ve known for a while now that EA’s third slice of people simulation- The Sims 3 - was being revved for a summer 2009 release, but we didn’t know the PC/Mac game would also arrive with iPhone/iPod Touch and mobile versions in tow.

Quite how these versions will link into the main release, which promises seamless neighbourhoods, an even more customisable Create A Sim functionality, and a new five traits attribute system, EA’s not yet prepared to say, but surely there will have to be some sort of online character exchange as a minimum.

This didn’t happen last time out, but nevertheless, the mobile version of The Sims 2, developed by London studio Ideaworks3D, impressed us by providing a cutdown Sims experience that was comparable enough to the PC original that you didn’t feel short changed. Still how easy this will be in terms of converting the graphically beautiful all-new 3D-shaders-and-everything version into portable form, we remain to be convinced.

We are, at least, convinced that the iPhone/iPod Touch version will swoop down for release in Apple’s new $20 premium section however. After all, with over 100 million lifetime copies sold, this is the most successful US developed game series of all time.

The Sims 3 is due for release in North America on 2 June.

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