A few weeks back, Sony distributed a survey asking whether readers wanted the ailing company to turn the PSP into an iPhone. Or at least that’s how it seemed to us.

It seems Sony has distributed a second survey - or another part of the first one has come to light - and this time the inevitable rumours concern the PSP’s relationship with the PS3.

Asking respondents to rate the following statements from 1-6, ‘1’ being Not Appealing and ‘6’ being Very Appealing, the survey asked if PSP owners would like to:

  • Use the device to complete side missions for console games (unlocakables, etc.).
  • Transfer media (music/pictures/video) wirelessly from the console to the device (broadcast television, new levels for games).
  • Use the device WHILE PLAYING the console game as an addition weapon/utility to help the gameplay (second player option, radar for incoming enemies, etc.).
  • Record console gameplay for display on the device (showing off your high scores ore "cool moves" to friends).

Of the four questions featured on Kotaku, which first reported the story, the third looks the most interesting: imagine if the mobile phone in GTA IV were an object you had on your lap, rather than a virtual interface. It would be a gimmick, but potentially a neat one.

As for recording console gameplay: no thanks.

For the record, Pocket Gamer’s responses are 4, 3, 5 and 1, in that order.