That’s right dudes – in case you’d forgotten (which all good blokes should have) Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you owe the shops money after the post-Christmas lull.

But what do you get for the techno-loving mobile lover you love so… lovingly? Faces of Mars is here to help.

The Mexican mobile developer has revealed its first content line up of the year, and there’s a strong lean toward Mr Valentine’s starry-eyed holiday. We’ve got Love Town, which looks like something of a heartfelt Snake clone, Love Chemistry, which helps you to calculate the compatibility of two lovers using numerology and other such mathematical hokum and the Love Meter, which works out your levels of passion automatically. Somehow. That one could get you in trouble, if she’s a believer.

Anyway, there’s also a host of other titles on its way from the crazy team at Faces of Mars, with Bird Flu looking particularly amusing and controversial all at the same time. It appears to involve you travelling the Far East and gunning down chickens in an attempt to stop the virus from heading west.

There’s also Egg Achiever (kind of a loose Easter theme emerging here too), which looks like a fairly simple game, though the official blurb definitely tries to complicate matters. It’s just too chucklesome not to reprint directly, so cast an eye over this mouthful:

“Become an Egg achiever. Play this Egg Game – Archive the Eggs. Go crazy trying to catch eggs. Collect the Eggs in the egg-tray. Use soft keys to catch eggs at egg-tray. At ate beginning of that crazy game; you will get two dozens of eggs. Using those eggs you will have to fulfil your target and you will be the Mr. Egg Achiever of the universe.”

Sounds egg-citing, eh?

And finally, for all the pocket gaming chicks out there, Faces of Mars is here to help you, too, with the usual selection of page three wallpapers. It might sound distasteful at first, but all this could be a love life saver if February… er… 14th (?) rolls around and you find yourself desperately presentless.