The press release for this game pegs it as a hack ‘n’ slay, but that’s probably just a translation anomaly. We’ve been watching the trailer (and you can too, at the bottom of this news item) and we’d say it jumps boots, axe and leather thong into the hack ‘n’ slash genre we love so much.

What this really looks like is a hectic Diablo clone, with a hellishly busy screen packed with demonic legions for you to cleave in twain.

The free-roaming isometric field allows for tonnes of scope when it comes to exploring this underworld realm and features some superbly imaginative monsters from which the game presumably draws its name.

You can choose from three different playable characters and battle your way through up to 46 non-linear levels as you attempt to put hell back in its place.

We took a look at Devils and Demons when it was first announced back in December, and we’ve been hungrily waiting for it to finally hit the virtual shelves, which it did yesterday. Check out the trailer below and get ready to wade into hell.

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