I still find it hard to believe that games like Guitar Hero were ported to the mobile platform so well, considering the control limitations of the handset. But ported they were, and to the sounds of rapturous applause.

So it probably shouldn’t be a huge surprise that the company that popularised the music game craze with titles like DanceDanceRevolution has chosen to bring its new addition to the genre straight to the mobile phone, entitled Rock Revolution.

"Konami has led the music gaming experience for over ten years and is excited to bring Rock Revolution to an all-new platform that allows players to take the game with them wherever they go," says Anthony Borquez, veep of Konami Mobile.

"We are confident casual gamers and fans of the rhythm music genre alike will appreciate the multiplicity of playable characters and instruments available on their mobile phone."

Currently only available on US carriers, the game features revamped rhythm and music gameplay in which you can choose from bass, drums, guitar or vocals - with each instrument having as its own difficulty level ranging from easy to superstar.

Although we’re not exactly sure on the mechanics of multiplayer operation as yet, you can apparently jam with up to seven other pocket musicians.

No news on a European release yet either, but stay tuned at Pocket Gamer for more Rock Revolution news as we get it. In the meantime, check out our preview of the DS version.

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