There’s no denying that the entertainment industries are full of innovation and ingenious experimentation. But just as unavoidable is the fact that the shows that get the most viewers, consistently, are considered quite ordinary.

It’s not at all unlikely that Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire easily clock up more viewers than The Dark Knight or Indiana Jones could ever hope to draw.

And this is a trend that’s spread to our gaming habits. No matter how many amazing and unique ideas the game designers come up with, they’re hard pressed to better Golden Balls, Wheel of Fortune or the Krypton Factor in our estimations.

It’s unfair to suggest that any less work goes into crafting gameshows, mind you. These are incredibly delicate concepts that can never deviate from their rules or premises.

The Dark Knight can meddle around with the lives of Bruce Wayne and the Joker to make them fit their new film better, but such liberties are completely unacceptable in gameshows - including their mobile conversions.

So it’s with a sincere respect for the art of the gameshow creator that we decided to revisit our 100% Mobile Gameshows feature, and update the pantheon of television gods.

The 100% mobile gameshows
Deal or No Deal (EA Mobile)
Based on the smash hit TV show, this blockbuster gives you the complete experience on mobile with new original game modes: 'Deal or No Deal', Contestant's Row, 'Be the Banker' and 'Quick Play' where you jump straight into the action. A quarter of a million pounds, 22 identical sealed boxes and no questions... except one: Deal or No Deal? Read the Deal or No Deal review
Deal or No Deal mobile game
Catchphrase (Gameloft)
Say what you see in the official mobile game of the ever-popular Catchphrase, the cult TV show! Join Roy Walker and try to guess what Mr Chips is telling you on the screen. Relive the show's best moments as you go through the 300 different catchphrases available. Beat the ready money round, guess the bonus catchphrase and reach the super final to hit the jackpot! Read the Catchphrase review
Catchphrase mobile game
The Crystal Maze (Player X)
Let Richard O'Brien guide you through the Crystal Maze's four zones (Mediaeval, Futuristic, Aztec and Industrial), playing the famous games from the show: Physical, Skill, Mental and Mystery. Collect crystals to buy crucial time in the Crystal Dome and, once in there, frantically grab the golden tokens swirling around inside. Collect 100 and you win the ultimate prize! Read the Crystal Maze review
The Crystal Maze mobile game
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 4th Edition (Glu)
With lots of new questions and innovative features, players will enjoy the familiar look of the TV show on their mobile screens. Test your general knowledge, keep track of your performance with the brand new player profile statistics, choose from three friends to phone in phone-a-friend feature and get bonus points with the fastest finger challenge. Read Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 4th Edition review
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 4th Edition mobile game
Golden Balls (Gameloft)
Immerse yourself into the set of the popular TV show and meet host Jasper Carrott just by downloading the official mobile game of the hit series onto your phone. Gather the biggest possible amount of money by kicking out the killer balls and saving the cash. Guess who's lying while you decide whether to tell the truth or to lie. And in the end, choose to split or steal the final jackpot! You'll have to trust your instincts and pay special attention to the hints that you can acquire from your opponent's dialogue. Read the Golden Balls review
Golden Balls mobile game
Wheel of Fortune Deluxe (Glu)
The hit TV puzzle show that everyone wants to play is updated with new features, enhanced graphics and special effects that will put users on the show - when they're on the go. They choose from all new animated avatars in three modes of dynamic play- single download, against the computer or in toss-up rounds. This mobile game puts the total interactive immersion of a console game in the comfort of your hand, while successfully joining the broadcast classic and the online version.
Wheel of Fortune Deluxe mobile game
TV Gameshow 2-in-1 (Player X)
Two TV Game Shows are now available in this bonanza twin pack. Try to predict the answers of the unpredictable general public in Family Fortunes and pick your letters carefully as you make your way across the board in Blockbusters and get to the Gold Run. With well over 1000 questions, get in on the action now with the 2 in 1 TV Game Show pack.
TV Gameshow 2 in 1 mobile game
Krypton Factor The Original (Gameloft)
Join three other contestants on Krypton Factor's iconic TV set and take on Gordon Burns's toughest challenges. You will be put through the six traditional Krypton Factor rounds. Should you succeed, you will be crowned "Superperson of the year" by Gordon Burns himself. Not ready yet? Try the Quick Show mode and practise all the unlocked challenges to become invincible!
Krypton Factor mobile game
Eggheads (Capcom)
Take on possibly the best quiz team in Britain, just like in the hit TV show! Answer questions across nine different subjects including Sport, Entertainment and History. Choose to play as the challengers or play as the Eggheads and see how long you can remain unbeaten! Featuring up to 1000 questions and hours of gameplay, take your team to the nail-biting final round! Read the Eggheads review
Eggheads mobile game
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