You know when you download a game from the App Store because the screenshots look promising and then half an hour later you’re staring down at the screen and some broken idiot is looking sheepishly back up at you and you say in disbelief: “What, in the name of Chief Sitting Bull, are you doing on my iPhone?”?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Pocket Gamer has gone to the considerable trouble of compiling an unrivalled library of reviews, and all you need to do to read them is stay where you are and look up the game of your choice in the search box above.

But that’s not the business of the day. The purpose of this housekeeping message is to direct you to our Buyer's Guide, an indispensible tool that allows you to search for games by genre and platform, helping you to filter out the chaff and view the wheat by score in descending order.

Say you don’t know what you want, other than that you’d like it to be a puzzle game. Simply click the ‘iPhone’ tab at the top of the page and then on the ‘Best Game Guide’ link to the left of these words.

(The same is also true of mobile, N-Gage, and every other platform, but we're using iPhone as an example.)

After that, all you need to do is choose 'Puzzle' from the dropdown menu and the Guide will instantly tell you that Rolando is your best bet, followed by Theseus.

That’s all. Get to it.