Fantastic Contraption is one of those games that steals hours from your life. You don’t realise how addicted you’ve become until you suddenly realise it’s got dark outside, or severe mouse cramp sets in.

Just head on over to the Flash game on the official site and see for yourself.

So it’s both good and bad news that it’s been converted for the iPhone. Good, in so much as it’s a great game, and bad because I already do nothing with my life except play bloody iPhone games.

Fantastic Contraption requires you to transport the pink wheel to the goal box - dead simple. Getting it there involves building all kinds of… well, fantastic contraptions from the variety of mechanical components available.

It's quite mesmerising watching the breathtaking physics at work, and makes it almost worth buying for that alone.

It falls into the intriguing puzzle genre occupied by the likes of JellyCar, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and the developer’s other hit title, Line Rider.

It’s definitely going down a storm on the App Store, so if pseudo-virtual-Meccano is your bag, hit the ‘Buy It!’ button for a closer look.

Oh, and don’t forget to spend the afternoon at work playing the Flash game, either. Your boss won’t mind - that’s probably what he’s doing in his office anyway.

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