Mobile phones and airports are something of a contentious issue, but considering most phones (including the iPhone) now have a specific airplane setting and hospitals are going to relax their rules on handset usage, perhaps the timing’s perfect to try a game that actually encourages you to play at the terminal.

Personally I’d rather stay at home and chew tin foil than suffer the torturous ignominy of using airports, but perhaps playing Jetset: A Game for Airports would mean I get all the fun of air travel without the nightmare of catching buses from one end of the car park to the other and running for 20 minutes to find the right departure point? Indeed it does.

It puts you in control of the security systems that you normally only see the dark side of. Here you can perform the strip searches, and rifle through the belongings of people returning from holiday in a rather satirical pastiche of contemporary air travel.

The game also awards you with extra goodies for playing in any of 100 actual international airports - granting you location-based souvenirs for larking around while waiting at those awful, oppressive terminals. These souvenirs can even be shared with your friends through Facebook.

Seems like a pretty good way to pass the time if you are unfortunate enough to be catching a plane, anyway.