We’re all about the questions in Loose Threads, and this week we have positively outdone ourselves. Speculating about what the next three years will hold for pocket gaming is a can of worms, inside a kettle of fish, inside a barrel of very inquisitive monkeys. So...

Will the new PSP have a touchscreen? Will Nintendo still be hoovering up all the cash in the land? Will Apple have released another, more powerful gaming handheld? Will Nokia be readying one last try at the N-Gage? Will games look as good as they do on the current home consoles?

Will the games be cheaper? Will multiplayer gaming finally take off on handhelds? Will the Gizmondo 2 finally make an appearance? Will Pocket Gamer be the most important gaming site on the internet?

We’d give you our answers but it’s just too much fun to hear yours first.

And they're off!