It seems like so long since Luxor first took us inside the pyramids to reveal its Silver Award-winning puzzle gameplay, and it’s been over a year since the sequel also bagged itself a similarly prestigious Pocket Gamer badge.

Now I-play’s been in touch to announce a third game in the award collecting multi-platform series, Luxor Quest, is about to be unearthed. Luxor Quest involves some rather unique match-three gameplay – requiring you to fire coloured balls into constant stream of moving spheres, lining up similarly coloured icons to eliminate them.

This latest addition to the franchise promises vastly improved graphics, along with an interesting cross-platform feature that allows you to unlock levels on the PC version (known as Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife) by completing section of the mobile game.

Have a look at the Luxor Quest reboot in the video below, then poise your thumbs in anticipation.

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