It’s hard not to raise a dry smile at a product as weird and salacious as AMA’s new mobile game/application, Celeb-a-like.

AMA is known for its fitness, spiritual, psychic and personality testing games, and as you can guess from the title, Celeb-a-like involves measuring up your own idiosyncrasies against those of Hollywood glitterati.

You can answer a series of questions to discover which celeb you most closely resemble, you can pit yourself and your significant other against a Hollywood couple to see who comes out the coolest and attempt four mini-games intended to prove your celebrity awareness.

These include matching famous people who’ve done the horizontal tango together as quickly as possible (that’s matching as quickly as possible, not deciding who finished the horizontal tango the fastest) and playing charades by acting out famous movie scenes.

And when jealousy finally kicks in, you can pelt your favourite celebs with tomatoes, ink, lemons and, rather bizarrely, pears. Sounds like Avid Merrion’s wet dream.