On The Rocks Productions fired us a message earlier on to let us know about its new iPhone game rolling out on to the App Store, called TiltaFun.

When we said ‘rolling out’, that was a pretty clever joke (which is why your ribs are aching right now) as TiltaFun is not unlike those marble games where you roll them around a small wooden maze. Only TiltaFun involves rolling a candy monster around a world of deadly labyrinths, collecting up sweets and avoiding obstacles.

The game provides a whopping 50 levels (well, ten worlds with five levels each, but we ran those figures through the Pocket Gamer super-computer and that works out to around 50), though you’re not obliged to play each world’s levels in any particular order.

TiltaFun should be released on January 20th, so keep an eye out for further coverage.