Web game RastaMonkey, powered by the Unity Engine, recently spent a few minutes in the gaming spotlight when it received recognition for the Action Game Development and 2D Game Design at the Unity Developers Game Awards.

The team behind RastaMonkey has now decided to bring its cute and shiny platformer to the iPhone.

RastaMonkey is a bizarre and ultra-stylish platform game that requires you to take control of a perpetually spinning monkey as it swings from branch to branch in a style not entirely dissimilar to Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber.

RastaMonkey appears to allow a lot more freedom in the character’s movements, however, along with a unique physics sytem guiding the balletic simian around the screen.

It’s unclear quite when we can expect to see RastaMonkey climbing around the App Store, but we will have a gameplay video for you any time now.

You can also swing by the official page and have a go at the online demo (you’ll need to install the Unity plug-in, but it’s safe and free). Respec’!