The Neo Geo was a gamer’s wet dream back in the day – not least because of franchises like Metal Slug bringing 100 per cent arcade quality into your living room.

The DS has just got the seventh game in the series, so it’s only fair that mobile gamers get a bit of extra firepower, too. I-Play is bringing Metal Slug Mobile 4 to the phone, complete with 16 high-octane run’n’gun levels, four big boss battles and eight different environments.

The iconic weaponry is included, along with the Metal Slug Tank for those awesome moments when your biggest gun just isn’t big enough.

There's a weak back story about hordes of enemies all looking to wipe you out, but it’s really not important - as you can see from the screenshots and the video we ran last week, the style and super-fun violence look to have been fully retained, and that’s all that matters.

Keep an eye out for our imminent preview of Metal Slug Mobile 4.