Last week was sparse, to say the least, but it seems the game companies were simply saving up to ensure we’ve got lots to play over the Christmas break.

We’ve got no less than 12 new releases this week (hmm, 12 new games, 12 days of Christmas… there’s a pattern here, I think) with some excellent winter wonderland themes such as Shaun White Snowboarding and classic boardgames - always a family favourite during the festive season - in the shape of Cluedo.

There’s some classic revivalism with Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Crash and for those who like to sit back and relex, we’ve got some more cerebral challenges from Dr. Kawashima’s More Brain Exercise and the word puzzle, Bookworm.

If it’s Christmas action you’re looking for, however, there’s also the mobile conversion of the sword and sandals iPhone hit, Hero of Sparta, while CSI: New York fulfils our forensic TV-tie in requirements.

With all this going on, we’re not going to hold you up any further with idle chit-chat - get your phone charged and get playing. Over to you for the last word, Noddy:

It’s Christmaaaaas! New Releases December 19th

Shaun White Snowboarding (AMA)
Hit the mountains with Shaun White Snowboarding and ride the tracks wherever you are in the world.Become the hottest property in the snowboarding scene. Perform amazing tricks and challenge competitors across 10 different slopestyle and halfpipe events. Compete with up to four friends by choosing the multiplayer option. Read the Shaun White Snowboarding review
WhShaun White Snowboarding mobile game
Cluedo (EA Mobile)
Search his fabulous house in the hills and uncover the secrets that his devious guests are hiding and record clues with a Crime Map. But be quick about it, your editor Mr Braunman is on a deadline. Discover who did it, where, and with what weapon to earn stars and advance your journalism career. Was it Mustard in the study with the candlestick? Discover the secrets! Text GAME CLUEDO to 80202
Cluedo mobile game
More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima (Namco Bandai)
More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima, introduces a new and improved range of games, scientifically proven to test and stimulate your brain. Follow the daily training programme and evaluate your brain age. Multiple puzzles and mini games make this the most anticipated brain game on mobile. Text GAME COACH2 to 80202
More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima mobile game
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Crash (Glu)
Sonic is back to crash his way through Dr. Robotniks defences with his famous fox friend Tails! Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Crash! is the blue blurs latest adventure based on the second half of the classic Sega Mega Drive game, Sonic The Hedgehog 2! Text GAME SONICCRASH to 80202
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Crash mobile game
My Sims (EA Games)
Get ready to move to a new town and make it your own. Make friends with the locals and bring the town to life! Create a MySim and customize its appearance, then embark on a grand adventure of exciting quests and fun activities. On your journey discover an amusing cast of characters, all with unique backgrounds and interests. Text GAME MYSIMS to 80202
My Sims mobile game
SpongeBob Squarepants: Paparazzi Parade (Digital Chocolate)
Explore the magical world of Atlantis and see if you can capture the best photos of SpongeBob and his friends. The clearest and most exciting photos may make the front page of the paper! Try and catch SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs! Be careful not to burst the Oldest Living Bubble, Atlantis's most prized possession, with your flash. Read the SpongeBob review
Text GAME SPONGEPAP to 80202
SpongeBob mobile game
Rock Paper Scissors (HandsOn Mobile)
Set on a traditional chequered board, utilise all your cunning to outwit your opponent by locating and defeating their flag carrier whilst protecting your own. Take turns to battle your adversary through Rock Paper Scissors-based combat until you eliminate their flag-bearer. Prepare to do battle and enjoy the sweet taste of victory in this addictive reworking of the universally loved and classic game that's been played by millions of people across all generations. Read the Rock Paper Scissors review
Text GAME ROCK to 80202
Rock Paper Scissors mobile game
Hero of Sparta (Gameloft)
You are King Argos, leader of the courageous Spartan warriors waging war to destroy an evil cult that taints Greece with blood. But destroying their last idol awoke their dark god, and now its determined to exact revenge! Your fate now lies in its corrupt hands. Battle to avoid a tragic death as you journey from the Oracles Island, through Atlantis and Hades, and finally to the summit of Olympus. Read the Hero of Sparta review
Hero of Sparta mobile game
Puzzle World 3 (FDG Entertainment)
Puzzle World 3 invites you to enjoy a new adventure with the sorcerer's little apprentice. Accompany him through colourful Toyland and solve brand new puzzles to reach the end of the world. Cast magic spells and use your skills to find magic blocks in a fantasy world. Combine the blocks to make them disappear and reach the next level. Read the Puzzle World 3 review
Puzzle World 3 mobile game
CSI: NY (Gameloft)
A woman is found dead in the middle of Times Square in New York. Tragic suicide or horrible crime? Discover the official game of the popular TV show, CSI: NY, and unravel the mystery of this bizarre death. Lead the investigation alongside Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, and Dr Sheldon Hawkes in an exclusive story written with direct feedback from the series. Text GAME CSINY to 80202
CSI: NY mobile game
Super Fruit Fall (THQ)
The ultimate in gravity-based puzzle fun! Can you empty the playing area of your favourite fruit? Spin the grid to send the citrus tumbling, as you try to match three or more fruit! Don't let gravity get you down, get Super Fruitfall and go bananas! Text GAME SUPERFRUIT to 80202
Super Fruit Fall mobile game
Bookworm (PopCap Games)
Link letters to form words and feed him with your spelling prowess in this part crossword, part word jumble and part arcade puzzler. Devour the dictionary in either Classic or Action mode, and earn high-point bonus tiles for big words and brainy moves. Its vocabularious fun from the very first letter! Read theBookworm review
Text GAME BOOKWORM to 80202
Bookworm mobile game

The O2 Java game download chart (w/e Dec 18th)

1. Bejeweled (EA Mobile)
The classic gem-swapping puzzle game Bejeweled comes to mobile with enhanced graphics and more fun than ever. String together three or more gems to rack up points in a fast-paced treasure hunt. Advance through levels in normal single-player mode or race the clock in timed mode. It's a treasure trove of mobile fun! Read the Bejeweled review
Text GAME 394408 to 80202
Bejeweled mobile game
2. Jewel Quest II (I-play)
The Jewel Quest phenomenon continues with all-new addictive puzzle fun. Follow Rupert as he picks up a new treasure trail in search of the grandest Jewel Board ever! Guide him through the mystery as he explores Africa in search of jewels and his lost love. With over 50 new immersive puzzles, a deeper intriguing storyline and three new game mechanics this massively addictive puzzler hopes to have you hooked for hours. Read the Jewel Quest II review
Text GAME 432288 to 80202
Jewel Quest II mobile game
3. Space Invaders (Taito)
Taito's iconic shooter Space Invaders is back, faithfully recreated for your mobile. Do you have what it takes to save your planet from alien invasion? Destroy the aliens with your laser cannon before they destroy you. Combining arcade shooting action and nostalgia by the bucketload, Taito and EA bring this all-time classic arcade game to your mobile. The original and still the best. Read the Space Invaders review
Space Invaders mobile game
4. The Simpsons (EA)
Guide Homer in a race against time as he tries to prevent a meltdown at the nuclear power plant. Interact with Bart, Mr Burns, Apu and more of your favorite Springfielders. Avoid hazards like burning tires and giant sinkholes while you steer Homer through his fast-paced, perilous mission. And watch out for Krusty the Clown, Officer Lou and others who try to stop Homer from saving the day. Read the Simpsons review
Text GAME SIMPSONS to 80202
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition mobile game
5. Real Football Manager 2009 (Gameloft)
One of the leading names in football management simulations on mobiles is back for another season! Real Football Manager 2009 features a new, simplified interface and improved artificial intelligence for maximum realism. Choose your club from one of eight different leagues and more than 200 teams. All transfers are updated for the 2008/2009 season.

Read the Real Football Manager 2009 review

Text GAME RFM09 to 80202
Real Football Manager 2009 mobile game
6. Tetris Mania (EA)
Indulge your puzzle-solving passion! With three new game modes, Tetris Mania puts a new spin on the compelling original you know and love, making it the must-have mobile game. Use gravity in Cascade mode to gain an avalanche of points, join atomic blocks in Fusion mode to blast to the next level, and dig through increasingly high stacks of blocks in Sticky mode in order to clear the bottom line. Read the Tetris Mania review
Text GAME 400328 to 80202
Tetris Mania mobile game
7. Brain Challenge (Gameloft)
Brain Challenge is more than just a game or program. It's your personal coach and entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert. Using various, amusing exercises, train your grey matter whenever and wherever you want. Your coach will follow you everywhere on your mobile phone, after all. Read the Brain Challenge review
Text GAME BRAIN to 80202
Brain Challenge mobile game
8. The Sims 2 (Ideaworks3D)
Play the top-selling PC game! Bring your phone to life with The Sims 2! Create a Sim, then explore and customize their world! Socialize with other Sims, push them to extremes and shape their future! Read the The Sims 2 review
Text GAME 400328 to 80202
The Sims 2 mobile game
9. Tetris (EA)
Tetris is one of the most popular games on mobile phones. What started as a simple Russian computer puzzle game became the addiction of millions of players worldwide. In addition to the classic Marathon mode, two extra modes have been added; Ultra and Forty Line to fit the way people play games on phones.

Read the Tetris review

Text GAME TETRIS to 80202
Guitar Hero III Mobile mobile game
10. Golden Balls (Gameloft)
Gather the biggest possible amount of money by kicking out the killer balls and saving the cash. Guess who's lying while you decide whether to tell the truth or to lie. And in the end, choose to split or steal the final jackpot! You'll have to trust your instincts and pay special attention to the hints that you can acquire from your opponent's dialogue. Read the Golden Balls review
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition mobile game