We’ve been watching this new incarnation of Wolfenstein for quite some time – a series that dates back to 1981, and is recognised as popularising the 3D first person shooter genre in the early '90s. This new mobile version comes to us from id Software – creator of the popular 3D DOS game from 1992, and more recently Doom RPG and dungeon crawler, Orcs & Elves.

Borrowing heavily from the Doom RPG model (no bad thing, as that game landed a Gold Award), Wolfenstein RPG adopts a turn-based fighting system, rather than the FPS action of the classic Wolfenstein 3D. But id promises this is still very much a nostalgic homage to the beloved series, and will feature just as much action, even if it’s at a slightly more leisurely pace.

The nine Nazi-bashing levels will require you to choose carefully from an arsenal of 17 different weapons as you fight through the dark and sinister Castle Wolfenstein, taking on an impressive 28 enemy variations.

Due for release on January 15th, you can get yourself geared up by taking a look at our exclusive hands-on with Wolfenstein RPG and checking out its video trailer right here.

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