We've been watching the N-Gage development of Resident Evil: Degeneration very closely, including its exciting teaser trailers, and it's crossed our minds once or twice as to whether this game might also appear on the mobile platform.

Our predictions were apparently correct, as Capcom just got in touch to tell us a mobile version of Resident Evil: Degeneration is indeed in the works.

"Capcom Mobile is honoured to be bringing the next exciting chapter of the Resident Evil series to mobile phones everywhere," said Midori Yuasa, Capcom's president. "Mobile is the only place where fans can play Resident Evil: Degeneration and experience this thrilling story from a unique adrenaline-fuelled perspective."

The only place other than N-Gage, we assume he means. Anyway, it's great news that pocket gamers will once again be stepping into the shoes of Leon Kennedy seven years after the incident at Racoon City, as he attempts to stem a zombie outbreak in an airport. You'll take control of an arsenal of bone-shattering weapons in order to combat a horde of zombies, infected dogs and horrific tyrants through 50 pulse-pounding missions.

Resident Evil: Degeneration is based on the newly released CGI movie of the same name, which we'll be taking a look at very shortly and will make sure to give you our Pocket Gamer movie critic opinion. In the meantime, check out the attached screenshots from the mobile game, which should be with us by the end of the year. Eep!

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