Sykhronics Entertainment has just released two iPhone games built around the familiar match-three, Bejeweled-style game called Smiles Zen and Smiles Drop.

Smiles Zen aims to be a bit more chilled out about the match-three concept - removing the time limit and, rather than eliminating the icons, it lights them up. Your overall goal is to highlight the entire screen at your own casual, zen Buddhist pace.

Smiles Drop is a more hectic variation, however, and does make the icons disappear as you align the rows. The difference here is that you don't have to wait for the last lot to disappear before making your next move, so a quick finger means higher scores.

Both games are available on the £1.79 tier over on the App Store, but what's unusual about Sykhronics's listings is a third option to buy both games as a package for £2.99. We're no mathemagicians, as you know, but we reckon that's a saving of around 59p – enough to buy yourself another budget range iPhone app. Nice.

Align your mouse pointer with the 'Buy It!' button to head on over to the App Store to check out the Smiles double bill now, and you can take a shuftie at the gameplay video below if you're still undecided.

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