I was a skater - way back before roller blades appeared, and stunt skateboards first found their way to England (about a decade and a half after the Dogtown boys first started surfing on dry land). My bones don't heal as quickly as they used to, though, so Touchgrind has had me pretty excited ever since we picked up on a gameplay video a few weeks back.

The Illusion Labs boys have now emptied out their iPhone pool for us all to go skating in, as Touchgrind is now available over on the App Store. Using your fingers as feet, Touchgrind takes you skating in a pretty unique and intuitive way. The iPhone's multi-touch screen allows you to perform kicks, flips, ollies, grinds, slides and a bunch of other skating stunts on the 3D tracks.

With 12 unlockable boards and some undeniably entertaining physics controlling the skating action, this looks like a great break from the slew of FPS and racing games that have been dominating the iPhone charts recently.

Grind the 'Buy It!' button to slide on over to the App Store to check Touchgrind out, and remember - elbow pads are for girls (although I supposed they'd be knuckle pads in this case).