One of the most popular of the iPhone's launch titles, not only because it was free but because of its excellent RPG take on the match-three puzzle concept, Aurora Feint is ready to greet its sequel.

Aurora Feint II: The Arena features much the same gameplay – requiring you to 'mine' for crystals, then use them to build your statistics in the Store and fashion new abilities in the Smith using tools you've collected. Tools are to be replaced by weapons, however, opening the way for player-versus-player challenges.

The unique aspect with The Arena's multiplayer option is the asynchronous method players use to fight. Ninety-second 'ghost' matches are played, which can then be downloaded by challengers to be played offline – meaning both players needn't be connected and active at the same time. Any weaponry you've uncovered while mining in a single-player game can be used during these challenge matches. You'll also be able to send messages and victory calls in a similar manner.

Unlike the original, however, Aurora Feint II: The Arena is going to cost you. The price has been set at the £5.99 tier, though the developer tells us that the game will be launched at a sale price of £4.99 until after Christmas.

Due for release any day now, smash the 'Track It!' button for more Aurora Feint II: The Arena news as it comes in.