Namco poached the deep thinking Dr Kawashima for Brain Coach some time ago, but his neural pumping mobile game has just debuted in America – rebranded as Namco's Brain Exercise.

"Namco Networks is all about delivering fun, quality games," says Scott Rubin, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Namco Networks. "Brain Exercise makes training your brain fun. It tracks players' daily and monthly progress, which makes it hard to put down."

It's apparently been scientifically proven to 'stimulate the brain', though presumably the same could be said about coffee, heroin or brain slugs (as Futurama fans will tell you). But we're all about stimulation of any kind at Pocket Gamer (within a few very loose boundaries), and Dr Kawashima's mobile introduction suitably impressed Kath, who in her Brain Coach review said: "Dr Kawashima scores well in yet another satisfying brain training game. One more to add to his bulging resume and further evidence his name will be remembered in years to come."

Ten different mental agility exercises will put US mobile gamers through their neural paces, from basic arithmetic to visual acuity tests and reaction time challenges. Brain Exercise is available across US national carriers now.