THQ Wireless just dropped us a (fishing) line to announce its new mobile puzzle game, Chop Sushi – a turn-based, match-three, raw fish battle puzzler.

Taking on the role of Master Chef, your task is to swim from island to island battling people over plates of sushi and/or wasabi. Using your standard match-three style of gameplay, you put together various recipes each with their own particular attack or defence properties.

Chop Sushi promises some unique, cartoony graphics and off-the-wall humour alongside an enchanting fantasy storyline as you wander the islands challenging opponents, fishing and meditating over zen-like single-player modes.

Due for release on the mobile platform next February, keep your hook in the water by clicking the 'Track It!' button now.

Phew! Managed to get through the whole news item without any crap jokes about it all sounding a bit fishy.