Remember those little plastic sliding tile puzzles, where you had to rearrange a mosaic to put a picture back together? Fliparoni is an iPhone version of this same concept (presumably the rough-edged plastic tiles won't jam up quite so easily though) using video clips as well as still pictures to confound your perceptions.

The game comes with 20 video clips and 20 images for you to un-shuffle, with an additional library of vids and pics online for you to download. Developer Scott Squires also promises more new challenges in the future, so this isn't a game that's likely to expire any time soon.

And the good news is that if you're quick, you can grab it for free. For a 'very limited time', Squires is offering his Fliparoni app for 'nowt, so check out the gameplay video below then click this clicky thing to get you to the Store quicker.

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