We've been wondering when 3D mobile developer Fishlabs would take its titles to iPhone, but now we need wonder no more.

The publisher has released Powerboat Challenge, its first iPhone game. It's on the App Store today for the bargain price of £2.39.

What's more, it's been beefed up. Fishlabs says it's got four times the texture resolution and three times as many polygons than the Java version of the game.

Which is good for polygon fans. The sound has also been improved, and naturally, you control your powerboat by tilting your iPhone.

The game offers a mixture of lap, time and elimination races, as well as a tuning shop to pimp your powerboat. We enjoyed the Java version, but are really looking forward to seeing how the iPhone edition shapes up.

"The iPhone is the perfect gaming phone!" says an excited CEO Michael Schade. "Thanks to its computing power, enormous display, immense memory, and the sound options, our 3D games have plenty to work with."

Fishlabs was also at the Nokia Games Summit last week showing off the non-iPhone version of Powerboat Challenge, so we wouldn't be entirely surprised to see the game head to N-Gage at some point too.