Japanese website Dengeki Online (via Kotaku) has held an online poll among Japanese gamers to gauge how many will be likely to snatch up Nintendo's DS hardware update, the DSi.

It may not be the best time to launch, considering the last few weeks have officially seen the worst hardware sales in Japan for several years (with only 3000 PS3's leaving the shelves the other week – a miniscule amount by normal standards), and indeed enthusiasm isn't high. According to the poll, only 3.6 per cent said they'd be early adopters, while a larger minority of 29 per cent said they'd rather wait on the fence to see what sort of a reaction the new system brings.

Most worryingly for Nintendo, 40 per cent said they'd no intentions of buying a DSi at all. Whether this reflects a saturation of hardware in the games market, or that Japanese gamers are already satisfied with their DS (or both), it's hard to say, but one way or another it seems there won't be a manufactured shortage of this console at Christmas.