EA Mobile has unveiled its latest SimCity game, and you'll only be able to play it on mobile phones.

It's called SimCity Metropolis, and it's out… now! It's the follow-up to SimCity Societies, which came out earlier this year, and keeps many of that mobile game's good points, while expanding the scope.

You'll start with a small city, and will then be tasked with managing it through its evolution, until it becomes a bustling metropolis (hence the name).

You'll get to focus on three different neighbourhoods – Downtown, Industrial and Residential – each with their own buildings and challenges. You'll have around 120 different buildings to play with during the game's 18 scenarios.

It's the most storyline-centric version of SimCity yet, but keeps the mobile-friendly interface and wry humour that made SimCity Societies so fun.

Stand by for an interview with the game's producer on its changes, before the full review goes live soon.