Deal or No Deal has already been a huge mobile hit, thanks to Gameloft's chart-hogging game. But having nabbed the UK licence from its fierce rival, EA Mobile is preparing to release its own take on the gameshow.

Due out at the start of November, the new edition of Deal or No Deal shares some characteristics of its predecessor. Presenter Noel Edmonds is still in the game, although he's still a strange character – this time, his mouth is the only part of his body that ever moves.

Anyway, the other thing the two versions of Deal or No Deal share is the ability for you to blast through an edition of the show trying to scoop the top prize, or at least diddle The Banker out of some cash.

However, EA Mobile's big thing with its new game is the stuff around that. The publisher says it wants to make the game even closer to the real show.

So, you get to choose a person to play as, then experience 'Contestant's Row' in all its slightly cult-like frightening glory, giving advice to other players about which boxes they should pick before taking your own turn as the main attraction.

Plus, there's the innovative Be The Banker mode, where you get to be the disembodied voice offering deals to contestants.

We sense this will be the main attraction for hardcore fans of the show. When we had a go on the game recently, we were pulling amounts out of the air to offer. But you can bet proper fans will be playing this game with calculator and formulae to hand.

From what we've seen, EA Mobile has thought laterally about how to make the new edition of Deal or No Deal a must-buy for fans of the show. We'll let you know our full verdict in a review later this month.