The title Offshore Tycoon might conjure up images of a game about some hot-shot financial type shifting money from bank account to bank account but - and we're not sure this sells it any better - it's actually about running a fishing and sea crop company.

Lexicon Entertainment has just announced the game for DS and Wii (screenshot shown is from the Wii version) along with some details on it.

Apparently you'll be playing the game as Offshore Tycoon Thomas, whose grandpa established a famous sea-harvesting company called Offshore. Now Thomas is at the helm, he wants to drive the company worldwide. So beginning with setting up an Offshore Company at Offshore City, he now needs to expand his branches and attract more customers from around the world.

The game is described as a casual time-management simulator. In it the player takes control of harvesting equipment such as fishing trawlers and oil tankers then completes tasks in order to make money and progress.

There will also be five different themed areas, each containing ten levels, and each area will contain its own unique varieties of fish. Ports and ships will be upgradable and there will be four mini-games to play in order to determine success too.

The game has two modes - Story and Survival - and a Gallery mode where you can learn about the different breeds of fish you've unlocked.

Offshore Tycoon is due for release in early 2009. If combining fishing with a management game doesn't sound like idea of a slow drawn-out death then click 'Track It!' to follow its progress.