We almost expect some kind of wireless multiplayer option in our games these days, regardless of platform, so Wireless Tanks definitely piqued our interest when the Russian developer, Dynamic Pixels, shelled us with some hot gaming info.

Wireless Tanks promises over ten hours of gameplay in single-player mode, though the real emphasis seems to be on ad-hoc wireless Bluetooth multiplayer action. It also sports 12 different kinds of tanks, each with their own capabilities and characteristics, as well as dynamic environments featuring track-marks, dust and wind effects.

The game's History Mode also features real life battles from World War I and World War II, while multiplayer allows up to eight players and ten 'bots' simultaneously on any one of the 50 available maps.

Damn impressive stuff, so if you haven't already, go hit the (caterpillar) 'Track It!' button.

Have a nice war!