You're all probably wondering if I have completely taken leave of my senses, so here is a valiant attempt at explaining myself.

Mobile and handheld gaming is growing as an industry. Meanwhile, technology, as it has a tendency to do, is shrinking.

Is it not possible that one day, a games console will be something that you can wirelessly connect to your TV when you're at home and then take with you to play when you're on the move via an built-in screen?

The PSP 2000 and 3000 can both connect to a normal TV screen via component cables and the 3000 model even allows you to use a wireless DualShock 3 controller. Is this the first step in a natural progression that could eventually result in a console like the one described above?

Madness you might think, but then, look at how laptops have managed to replace a significant portion of desktop computers, or indeed how increasingly (for some functions anyway) mobiles like the iPhone or the BlackBerry are replacing the need for certain people to carry a laptop around.

Could gaming soon face the same progression?

One, two, three... RANT! (In our Loose Threads forum topic, obviously.)

Oh, and do have a good weekend, won't you?