You might have bought your DS to play games on, but just imagine if you could also use it to help achieve practical outcomes, such as improving behaviour through conditioning. How excited would you be about that?

Not at all?

Just as proof the DS can - and increasingly is - being used for a variety of applications outside gaming though, today's announcement from Games Factory Online that it's branching into DS (and PC) games aimed at providing training solutions for businesses is quite interesting stuff.

The publisher intends to release a line-up of more than 20 games initially, all aimed at providing training to businesses, schools and hospitals. Despite the software being aimed at companies, it also hopes the content will be of use to a specific audience of individuals - ranging from patients being treated for diabetes to those seeking to improve language skills.

"There is a growing need for "serious games" which, as the term suggests, are computer games designed to help achieve practical outcomes, such as improving conditional behaviour through training." said Hennie van Velzen, Director and co-founder of Games Factory Online, who sounds like a laugh a minute.

Games Factory Online's first serious games titles are set to cover the following areas:

Language education
Project management
Facility/hotel management
Business dynamics
Change Management
Climate change education

Brilliant. Now excuse us while we have a ten minute lie down to try and stop the six-hour strategy meeting and customer service role-play flashbacks writing this has induced.