Square Enix has announced it's bringing arcade game The Legend of Kage 2 exclusively to DS across Europe this November.

The side-scrolling ninja action game is now spread over two screens on DS, making for even more impressive mid-air combat and high cliff climbing.

12 stages will be included, offering the same arcade gameplay of the original game, and two playable characters too - Kage the Ninja and Chihiro the Kunoichi, both with their own personal stories to play through. These characters will also be customisable, so you'll be able to choose your favourites from 17 different Ninjutsu techniques.

On your way to rescue a powerful priestess kidnapped by an evil shogun clan, you run into all sorts of strife and puzzles - there are walls to run up, trees to leap off, demons to slay and even dragons to summon. Mastering different Ninjutsu moves gives you access to all sorts of powers, including the Shadow Replication Technique, which lets you create deadly duplicates of yourself. There are also flame attacks and monster summoning to get to grips with.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. had this to say about the game: "Retro arcade fans that own a Nintendo DS will find lots to enjoy with The Legend of Kage 2. The action is very unique for the console, so there's never been a better time to revisit this classic arcade title."

So there you have it. If Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword on DS didn't fully satisfy all your ninja fantasies when released early this year, The Legend of Kage 2 could be just what you need. Get your hands on it this November. In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on the new screenshots released of the game, above.