After saying it was going to reinvent the Tony Hawk experience on DS a few months back, Activision has finally revealed what we can expect from the latest - and hopefully greatest - Hawkster game on the handheld.

Headlining the announcement is the news Mr Hawk will, for the first time in the franchise's history, be taking to the snowboarding slopes as well as the half-pipe, taking the total number of mini-challenges up to 20, which include new additions such as Rail Hopper and Slalom as well as familiar ones like High Score.

There's also word on the game's accelerometer controls, which will deliver an interactive, DS-twisting and tilting control system; plus a whole second bundled game that's compatible with that technology called Hue Pixel Painter.

Players will be able to grind their way through four locales - Tokyo, Dubai, Vermont and the Alps in total, with pro snowboarder Todd Richards heading up the snowboarding bits.

But if all that kick-flipping gets a bit tiresome, then action-puzzler Hue Pixel Painter will offer a complete change of pace. Taking control of Hue, players must uncover sources of paint below the ground's surface and bring colour back to a dreary world while defending it against the Drabs who have made it that way in the first place.

Just like Tony Hawk's, the game will fully use the accelerometer control system for connecting paint-filled pools and transforming that landscape.

Activision's two-in-one bundle is due for release in November. In what appears a bit too well timed to be a coincidence, EA chose to reveal its control system for rival DS skateboarding simulation Skate It on the same day.

Skate It uses stylus gestures on the touchscreen for pulling off tricks and jumps. Which control system will be most successful? You'll just have to wait for our reviews of both games nearer their release to deliver the verdict.