It's been almost a year since the game was released in North America, but finally - after a fair bit of speculation - Capcom has announced a European release date for Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, the third game in its brilliant courtroom adventure series.

According to a press release just issued, the game will hit Europe on October 3rd.

Trials and Tribulations offers five new criminal cases for you to solve as lawyer Phoenix Wright, with the help of old psychic sidekick Maya. As ever, you comb crime-scenes for clues, interrogate witnesses and suspects, and attempt to clear a series of clients' names in the courtroom by successfully picking holes in the prosecution's testimonies and presenting evidence to prove their innocence.

We're not sure why this one's taken so long to reach us - we're just glad it eventually has. If you haven't already caved into impatience and imported it, then mark October 3rd in your diaries and prepare to lose most of the month exchanging words with Detective Gumshoe and co.