EA is going to delay the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the game based on the sixth Harry Potter outing, until summer 2009 so it coincides with the pushed-back film release.

The game is due out on DS and PSP as well as every other console format known to man and is based on the one of the best Potter books - the one where Dumbledore gets it (spoiler alert - ed) and we're left wondering if Snape is a hero or a big bad guy (spoiler alert - ed). It's just a shame the final book doesn't manage to sustain that level of excitement and intrigue...

(Spoiler alert - ed)

EA originally had The Half-Blood Prince down for release this autumn, but the film's delay until July 2009 means the game is being held back with it. That means no Harry Potter game for the whole of 2008. If only EA had some magical crystal ball to have predicted such an event, it might have developed us another Quidditch World Cup game in the meantime.

We're thinking the odds too on a new Barry Hatter game turning up are pretty good.

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